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Have you been on there? Wow! Just wow! The boundless information that can be found on Pintrest. From fashion, DIY ideas to craft projects, recipes, cute pet photos and more! It certainly is a feast for all the senses. Created for both men and women of all ages, its the kind of place you can immerse yourself and even find new hobbies and interests you never knew you had! All things Colorado are also featured a lot on there. 


Such a mind-bogglingly wonderful array of colorful pins that will give you ideas of what to do even when you think you've done everything there is do here in Colorado Springs there pops up a new set of ideas to consider. Explore using just one single search word a whole host of them. The team Heart Happy Homes at RE/MAX Properties, Inc. has a profile and countless pinboards full of useful pins about buying and selling your home as well as places to visit both mainstream and quirky in Crazy Colorado! or perhaps you like all things heart shaped. Check us out on Pintrest if you havent already and let us know what you like or if there are any boards you'd like us to start.  Heart Happy Homes is truly a diverse team with many interests so don't be surprised to find a wonderful pin that might just blow your hair back and make your day. Let us know if you try a recipe or craft project, take a photo and share a unique idea of your own! Here's one we came up with quite by accident!

 DIY Disco Ball