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The wonderful thing about Class G Airspace is that its uncontrolled. In this day and age thats a breath of fresh air for some. And fresh air is aplenty at these side by side lots we have For Sale for at Colorado Springs East Airport

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 Based around 16 miles east of  Colorado Springs its quite the location for your personal hobby or to grow your Flight Instructor or Aircraft Maintenance / Avionics Shop Career. 

 With Colorado's  Front Range and the famous 14er the glorious  Pikes Peak Mountain its a sweet spot to build a hangar and enjoy those incredible views and that freedom that uncontrolled airpace allows. 

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Of course there's a new and rapidly exploding drone interest. Both for business and hobbyists alike the regulations are growing in number so an airspace like this might also have a zillion uses due to the uncontrolled G Space classification. There are a number of websites out there desgined to help keep you informed such as Know Before You Fly and all manner of forums of course. There's also a growing interest in Hangars for real-time crop data and suchlike. In fact the uses are far from being exhaustively discovered. Here's a couple of articles on the emerging industry...



 IMG 4617There's a highly active Skydiving Company based out of this airport, perhaps you might like to indulge one of your bucket list items or that of a loved one at the same time as checking out the lots. Heck, we only live once right? The terminal building on-site has restrooms and shower , ther's also camping, picnic and tie-down areas. Out of the Blue are advertising skydiving Specials right now! Give Ashley a call on (719) 440-1596 if you would like to view these lots.


All in all a niche location with quite the potential, we are hoping somebody snaps up one or both of these lots and I have to say its been fun learning a little about aviation for this blog. Every day's a school day! Thanks for looking, if youre ever in the market for a private plane or two there's a fabulous website for such fun shopping. We wish everyone safe and enjoyable flights always!