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Home is where the military sends us right? That's something we all accept, something we all often enjoy too. In fact, there's probably places we have been with the military that we might initially have never even heard of. As exciting as it is, the run up to PCS time can be exhausting. Why would anyone consider buying a house on top of it all?

We see our peers enjoying the benefits of their own homes but sometimes it seems like a daunting dream. To buy or not to buy. Is it throwing away money to rent? How long am I gonna be at this location? After a few years of PCSing many military service members realize the benefits of purchasing the right home can often offset the risks. Especially in Colorado Springs. This is an extremely high ranking retirement destination for military, that there says a lot!

Even if you arent sure that your next home will be your forever home or even in forever town why not weigh up the pros and cons!

Its common sense to do one's homework before deciding to buy. Is it going to be a sound investment? Sometimes only time can tell but there are a lot of market indicators that can help and with an MRP professional by your side every step of the way not only can we help answer your questions and find your heart happy home, we do it with all your specific military needs in mind. Even the ones you might not have yet considered. 

There are a myriad of great ways to find out about your new destination. We all know the wonderful resources within our local, national and overseas military communities and bases themselves. Often the base websites are packed full of gem-style information. Check in on them every few months, things change, updates are made, new gems are added. Don't forget to scour the tabs and links. There are some seriously resourceful people working on your behalf to provide you with the information. Connect with Facebook Groups and check out local government and council websites. 

Another great source of very specific information, albeit it often biased for the good or bad because of being based on personal experiences, is city-data-forum.com

Some of us have already been homeowners, know the process and just want a no fuss transaction.

From personal experience your Heart Happy Homes Team knows exactly what those difficulties are. Being ex-military and a military spouse Ashley Wilson is certified in many areas, but one she proudly holds near and dear to her own heart is her MRP certification. For the benefits of using an MRP certified Agent click here, also discover Ashley in their directory. A Military Relocation Professional or MRP for short is uniquely qualified to best serve you.

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Our Military First Program and our Home Town Heroes Program is a way to say "thank you" to our active & retired military community as well as our local first responders by offering a closing bonus to our local service members! With home price brackets we explain in text and dollar amounts why you might want to take advantage here on our military page.




The U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs has the latest for those of us looking for VA Home Loan eligibility.

Here's an excerpt from that page...

"You must have suitable credit, sufficient income, and a valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to be eligible for a VA-guaranteed home loan. The home must be for your own personal occupancy."

And here's a link to a U.S. Dept of VA Home Loan Webinar on youtube Essential watching if you're interested in the process.

Some of the incredible lenders we work with:-  

Jennifer Napolean  Karen Monroe  Mandy Roderick

Have you heard of HomeKeepr? Please download the App if you are looking for local Colorado Springs Service Professionals, we keep all of our personal recommendations specially for ourselves and you on this helpful HomeKeepr App 


 Military.com is a wealth of information and has a specific VA Loans section

Does any of this sound interesting? Please contact AshleyAshley Wilson

You won't find a finer team to happily work hard from the heart for you. That's Team Heart Happy Homes. Welcome to your very own Military Relocation Pro.

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