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Our goal at Heart Happy Homes is to help everyone realize the American dream of home ownership. Here is an easy to follow list of the Home Buying Process:

1. Begin With The Best. Begin your home search by establishing a working relationship with your Heart Happy Homes Buyer Specialist. Our Buyer Specialists are prepared to take care of all your house hunting needs and match you with the home that best meets your needs.

2. Become Financially Pre-approved. Begin your home search knowing you are approved to buy. Become pre-approved for your mortgage with a National or Local Lender that understands the complexities of every loan situation.

3. Refine Your Home Search. Your Heart Happy Homes Buyer Specialist will help you define your specific housing and lifestyle requirements and will present those homes which match your specified needs.

4. Present The Offer to Purchase. Once you've found the home of your dreams, your Heart Happy Homes Buyer Specialist presents a written offer to purchase to the seller. The seller either accepts or rejects your offer, or makes a counter offer.

5. Reaching an Agreement. You and the seller will agree on the price and terms, including closing and settlement dates.

6. Sale Contract is Executed and Earnest Money Delivered. We will oversee the contract of sale to assure proper execution.

7. Mortgage Application Finalized. Secure your mortgage loan with your Preferred Lender.

8. Inspections Scheduled. At this time, the various home inspections you have elected will be scheduled.

9. Ordering Title Insurance. We will order clear title verification and title insurance for your new home.

10. Follow Up On Financing. Your Preferred Lender will follow up on all details regarding the final mortgage commitment.

11. Your Mortgage is Approved. Review the terms with your Preferred Lender.

12. Select Home Owner's Insurance. Obtain homeowner's insurance, which is required by all lenders, prior to closing. Your Heart Happy Homes Buyer Specialist can provide recommended insurance providers.

13. Confirm Closing. Establish the desired date and time of closing with your Heart Happy Homes Buyer Specialist.

14. Transfer of Utilities. Review the transfer of utilities with your Heart Happy Homes Buyer Specialist.

15. Confirm Closing Costs. Get the final closing costs from your Preferred Lender.

16. Bring To The Closing. Bring your Government Issued Identification, a certified check for closing costs, and your checkbook for any potential incidental costs.

17. You're Home. Congratulations! Title has transferred, we will assure that you receive the title and keys to your home.

Get Financed.